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Sheldon Berman

Sheldon Berman has been a teacher, president of a non-profit organization, and superintendent throughout his distinguished 40 year career. On this site you can connect with Shelley and review his past and current publications, along with some of the innovative educational initiatives he has led. Please enjoy exploring this site, and submit your feedback via the form below.


  1. Dr. Sheldon Berman is an exceptional leader in the field of education who has an undeniable track record of improving outcomes for diverse populations of students. His passion for producing substantive results along with his commitment to embrace industry innovations places him among the nation’s elite practitioners.

  2. Dr. Berman is one of the most talented school district superintendents with whom I have had the pleasure of working. He cares deeply about student-centered instructional practice that is inclusive of all students.

    For the past 7 years I have worked with Dr. Berman and found him to have a remarkable ability to lead from a collaborative perspective. On a number of occasions I have seen him participate in groups where diverse opinions have been expressed, and have seen him listen carefully and come up with ideas for next steps that are made richer by those diverse opinions. He makes every effort to hear and understand what has been expressed before he makes a recommendation or decision.

    You’ll also find that he doesn’t shy away from making the tough decisions. His inclusive nature, coupled with his highly developed analytical thinking and communication skills, make his recommendations ones that have a high rate of success.

    He is highly respected because of the respect he consistently shows to those with whom he works. It is my pleasure to make a comment on this extraordinary educator.
    Ada Sullivan
    CAST President/CEO

  3. Dr. Berman is the best ambassador for positive school culture I have seen in 40 years of education. His students know and love him, even in his role as superintendent. He gives a leader’s most precious asset – time – to his students, not to the million external demands on his time. His commitment to equity includes students of all ethnicities, all cognitive levels, and all backgrounds. He is the sort of inspiring leader I would like to be when I grow up.

    Douglas Reeves

  4. I thought this was great! I loved the resources and organization of the site. More than that, I liked the fact that I got to work under and learn from Dr Berman as a new principal. So it is nice to see all the contributions he has had all across the nation and how it fit in with when he worked here. I have the upmost respect and admiration for the man. He left a strong influence on me.

  5. Sheldon Berman is one of those rare educators who combine intellect, passion, and caring. My highest compliment is he was “authentic” His leadership and many initiatives like “authentic learning” and capstone projects really connected with the students. Andover schools soared under Shelly’s leadership. Shelly was a fellow Andover Rotarian and it just seemed like he was everywhere around town. I was saddened when I heard the news he was retiring but incredibly grateful for the example of excellence and goodness he demonstrated to the community and my 3 high school daughters since he arrived in 2015!
    Wishing you and your family continued success, health, and happiness!

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